What’s In a Kiss? About 80 Million Bacteria

Oral health and cosmetic dentistry for perfect kiss

Ever dreamed about kissing someone? You probably imagined their soft lips, their beautiful smile, and their perfect teeth, right? What you may not have thought about were all the bacteria living in their mouth and what damage that kiss might do to your overall health and the appearance of your own teeth. A recent study explains why a beautiful smile is important not just to looking better, but to actually being healthier and attracting others.

The Findings

Oral health and cosmetic dentistry for perfect kissA recent study, published in the journal Microbiome, has discovered that a 10 second kiss transfers about 80 million bacteria. The particular types of bacteria in everybody’s body and mouth differs greatly depending on a number of factors including diet, age, and genetic predispositions. But, one big factor affecting the types of bacteria found in subjects’ mouths were the people with whom they were interacting and, most particularly, kissing.

After an intimate kiss, bacteria in the mouth tripled. While most of the bacteria in saliva washed away quickly, the rest settled on the tongue, teeth, and gums. These same bacteria can lead to bad breath, tooth decay, and gingivitis, but the particular mix of bacteria two people swap depends on their own oral health and other factors.

Where the Germs Hide

Here in the North Miami area, there are lots of attractive singles and plenty of smooching to be had. But, you have to consider the bacteria you may be sharing with others when you give them a peck. Obviously, a regular dental hygiene regimen and healthy diet that avoids an abundance of sugary foods is a great start. But, did you know that areas of tooth decay, gaps in the teeth, and inflamed gums can all harbor millions of bacteria? Allowing these conditions to persist untreated could expose anyone you are kissing to an even bigger dose of mouth bacteria, and could actually negatively impact their health and oral hygiene.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be Good For Your Health

At Biscayne Dental Center, we know that having a beautiful smile can be important for looking and feeling our best. But, what many do not realize is that a nice smile can also be a sign of good health. Flashing those pearly whites helps others determine that you are a relatively healthy individual (and somebody they would like to kiss). Clean, straight, white teeth are also less likely to harbor harmful bacteria that could hurt both your health and that of your kissing partner. That is why cosmetic dentistry is about so much more than just making our patients look better, it is about actually helping them to be healthier.

Let Us Prove It To You

The only way to experience how much better you can feel with a clean and beautiful mouth is to have one. That is why you should come into Biscayne Dental Center and see just how great a clean and beautiful smile can feel. You will be glad your did (and so will all those people you will be kissing!).

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