Visit a North Miami Dentist for Teeth Cleaning, Help Prevent Arthritis

Clean Teeth

At first glance, clean teeth and arthritis may seem like two completely unrelated issues. Believe it or not, the two issues might have quite a bit more in common than most think. A group of researches from University of Louisville’s School of Dentistry have discovered a significant link between clean teeth and the prevention of arthritis. The researches found that a specific strain of bacteria usually responsible for gingivitis might also cause early onset arthritis.

Clean Teeth

Maintaining clean teeth and a healthy smile has wide ranging implications for overall body health. Now, with links to arthritis and heart health, going in for a gum and teeth cleaning at places like Biscayne Dental Center is even more important.

Overall Health and Clean Teeth
Clean and healthy teeth have been continuously linked to a healthy overall body. Gum disease,
plaque, and bacteria are becoming focuses of health professionals and researchers everywhere. Gum disease is linked to everything from heart disease and diabetes to obesity and, now, arthritis. Healthy teeth are essential for a healthy body.

Going in for a teeth cleaning at a comprehensive, multi-practice dental office like Biscayne Dental Center can serve several purposes. With periodontists, orthodontists, and general dentists, multi-specialty practices can help remove problem plaque, prevent it from coming back, and eliminate any issues resulting from poor oral hygiene.

Teeth Cleaning North Miami

The Connectedness of Teeth and Body
The mouth is the gateway to the rest of the body. Keeping clean teeth by consistently visiting dental professionals helps to maintain a strong immune system and prevent a variety of (obviously) serious health issues. The bevy of services found at all focus around helping create healthy, beautiful smiles.

As an increased amount of research is dedicated to the dental arts, it is likely that even more related health impacts with healthy teeth will be discovered. Make it a habit to visit your friendly neighborhood North Miami dental practice to keep mouth, body, and mind healthy.

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