Three Things You Should Know About Lumineers

Cosmetic Dentistry 123Modern dental technology is an amazing thing. New cosmetic dentistry procedures at Biscayne Dental Center give people straighter, brighter smile in much less time. One of the more popular cosmetic approaches is to use Lumineers, a quick solution much like veneers, but less invasive. Since they are light enough to be easily and firmly attached, Lumineers are THE choice for people who want a faster solution to a happier smile. 

Keep reading for three things you should know about Lumineers.

A Two Visit Solution

Few cosmetic dental procedures are as noticeable after just two visits. Lumineers are designed to be completely installed after just a couple of appointments. The first visit consists of an impression of upper and lower teeth. Then, the moulds are sent off to the Lumineer laboratory for shaping. On the second visit, the special veneers are secured into place. Finally, the dental professional checks your bite and changes anything that needs it to create a custom fit. 

This is truly a two visit solution to a brighter, straighter smile. 

Lumineers Are Designed to Last, But Can Be Removedveneers

At Biscayne Dental Center, we love how long this cosmetic dentistry modification can last. On average, installations last as long as 20 years. This average does vary, but by in large they last long enough to have more permanent plans take shape. The great thing about this option, however, is that they can be easily removed by a dental professional. A non-permanent solution that looks like a permanent one. 

A Pain-Free Option

There is a reason sedation dentistry is becoming so popular. Many dental procedures are somewhat uncomfortable. Lumineer installation at Biscayne Dental Center is not one of them. As the official Lumineers website explains, the procedure is a pain-free one. Since the special veneers are paper thin, they can usually be installed without grinding down any teeth. Usually, not even shots are needed. 

Lumineers are a great way to reshape a smile without much pain, time, or cost. 

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