Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom teeth extraction is a necessary procedure for many individuals. At Biscayne Dental Center, our oral surgeon and team of multi-specialty dentists are more than capable of performing any extractions needed. Deciding whether or not to have wisdom teeth taken out is best approached in a practice where a team of dental professionals is able to analyze, detail, and plan the best route of wisdom teeth removal.

Widsom teeth removal Miami

Although some wisdom teeth extractions can take place in a dental office, those with increased risk of complications or who are having all four wisdom teeth pulled sometimes have such removal performed in a hospital. Since our practice offers and orthodontists and an oral surgeon in-house, we are able to provide comprehensive treatment for individuals who desire to have their wisdom teeth removed. Since this is a rather invasive procedure, candidates for removal must be completely healthy and void of any type of infection.

Why Wisdom Teeth Are Extracted

Wisdom teeth are extracted for a variety of reasons, but the most common ones are impacted teeth and possible crowding of teeth. Sometimes, patients’ jawbones are not large enough to accommodate the teeth, or the teeth come in at strange angles that can be damaging to the rest of your teeth. A proper analysis by a dental professional is the best way to determine whether or not your wisdom teeth needs to be pulled out.

Wisdom Teeth Removal North Miami

Impacted teeth (teeth that do not completely break through the gums) are consistently an issue for people with wisdom teeth coming in. Many times, teeth break through gums only partially, causing a gum flap to remain attached. Germs, bacteria, and food often becomes trapped under this flap, leading to infection and further complication. Getting wisdom teeth extracted helps to avoid many of these issues.

Here are a few reasons that people choose to undergo wisdom teeth removing:

  • Getting rid of teeth that are stuck to the jaw and remain impacted
  • Avoiding the development of back teeth that are overly crowded
  • Making sure no gums remain that can be easily infected or enflamed
  • Simply eliminating difficult cleaning and oral health maintenance of wisdom teeth 

For some people, extraction of wisdom teeth is neither necessary nor recommended. Those with unusually high risks for infections often require careful monitoring during the process. The dental health team at Biscayne Dental Center is committed to providing expert analysis for those deciding on whether or not to remove their wisdom teeth.

After Wisdom Teeth Removal

Recovering from the removal of wisdom teeth is a bit tricky, but understanding what to expect can help. Within 24 hours of the operation, bleeding is likely to continue. There is also a bit of pain and swelling associated with such an extraction, but medication is often prescribed. The jaw is often quite difficult to open afterwards, but abates rather quickly. Other issues like inflammation of a dry socket can be encountered, but our team will discuss and offer solutions to most problems.

Our oral surgeons and dental professional team are proficient in wisdom tooth extraction. We make sure that our clients are comfortable, and that our procedures are customized to individualized needs.

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