Dental Crowns and Bridges

Dental crowns and bridges are essential to protect broken or damaged teeth and improve or maintain oral health. Crowns received from Biscayne Dental Center can be used to replace a single tooth permanently, to protect damaged teeth, or to establish the anchoring of a bridge that replaces several missing or damaged teeth. Since crowns can be placed over dental implants, they are often utilized to offer stable bridgework.

Dental crownDental crowns and bridges are often used in conjunction with dental implants to establish a more permanent solution for missing or damaged teeth. Bridges are designed to be fixed and are cemented to the crowns or dental implants. Crowns and bridges are fairly difficult to damage, but some habits such as ice chewing, biting of fingernails, and grinding of teeth can be damaging to the new implants.

There are quite a few reasons to install dental crowns and bridges, some of which are listed below.

  • Teeth in need of a root canal
  • Simple cosmetic improvements
  • Decaying teeth
  • Fillings that are overtly damaged
  • Fractured teeth
  • Completely broken teeth
  • Rather large fillings

Dental bridges and crowns are quite flexible and are capable of meeting a variety of needs.

Dental crown before and after

Installment of Dental Crowns and Bridges

Crowns are most often installed in individuals who have lost several teeth as a way to establish a grounding for the installation of bridges. The implementation of a crown requires two or three appointments, the first of which consists of mold making that requires accurate impressions of a client’s mouth. A mold is also usually designed to create a temporary crown for the individual undergoing the procedure. After approximately two weeks, the permanent crown from the molding will be available to install.

If a damaged tooth is being replaced or covered, the first appointment will also consist of removal of decay. Once the decay is removed, the tooth will then be properly shaped in order to install the crown. Next, the temporary crown is installed and the bite of the patient is checked to ensure proper eating and speaking before the next appointment.

The second appointment usually consists of the temporary crown being removed. After this, the actually tooth underneath is cleaned and readied for installment of the crown. The crown is then carefully installed and inspected to ensure the most accurate and beneficial bite possible.

Dental bridgeDental Bridges

Most bridges are permanent appliances that replace several teeth all at once. There are a variety of types of bridges available that include fixed bridges, porcelain fixed bridges, and much more. These appliances are usually anchored to crowns or artificial teeth like pontics. The entire process, including molding and analysis of bite, is very similar to installation of crowns.

Bridges and crowns used in conjunction with one another are capable of providing the smile you have always wanted. Building a healthy set of teeth is beneficial for not only self-confidence, but for overall health as well. Biscayne Dental Center is committed to developing attractive, healthy smiles that clients can be happy to show to the world.

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