The Secret Behind the Dreaded Phrase: “You Should Floss More”


The secret to why dentists recommend flossing more frequently is simply this: it works. When people walk into a North Miami dentist office like Biscayne Dental Center, they almost always expect to be told to floss more. It’s a tale as old as the dental chair itself. Patient walks in, patient sits down, the dentist does an examination, and the dreaded words “make sure to floss more” echo down the hall. 

Few of us like to floss, but it is just as important as brushing in a daily dental health routine. 

No cavitiesPreventing Cavities and Flossing

We’ve all had the feeling that food is stuck in our teeth and simply won’t budge. Even if you don’t have that feeling, if you don’t floss it is more than likely that there is food and bacteria stuck between your teeth. Cavities often form in the crevices and cracks between your teeth. When more food and bacteria remain between the teeth, cavities and other oral health issues can quickly arise. 

Only 50% of Americans floss on a daily basis. That number is just a tad bit frightening. No wonder so many people hear “you should floss more” on every dental office visit. The truth of the matter is, flossing is much more inexpensive than paying thousands of dollars for cavity repair and even tooth extraction. 

How to Floss on a Daily BasisHow to Floss

Building a habit of daily flossing is essential to maintaining oral health. The easiest way to get into a routine is to floss when you brush in the evening (or in the morning). Committing to flossing when brushing will help quickly build a habit that lasts. 

If traditional floss is holding you back, try some different flossing options. Many find that Y-shaped floss holders are more convenient and less difficult to use. Flossing on a daily basis can help prevent cavities, gum disease, and degrading oral health. 

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