Reducing Anxiety and Fear at the Dental Office

relax at the dental office

A recent study in the Journal of the American Dental Association has shown that patents who have a higher likelihood of gagging tend to fear the dental chair. Fear of pain and negative views of the dentist are much more prevalent when it comes to patients who tend to gag. At Biscayne Dental Center, we understand that some people have quite a few fears and anxieties when it comes to sitting down in the dental chair.

North Miami’s best dental center uses a range of strategies to help people relax and reduce fears and anxiety in the dentist office.

Reducing Anxiety

It might sound simple, but according to Medical News Today, the study “Gagging and Its anxiety at the dentistAssociations With Dental Care – Related Fear, Fear of Pain and Beliefs About Treatment” advised dentists to “encourage patients to breathe slowly and rhythmically through their noses while others encourage patients to lift their legs or wiggle their toes to distract themselves during the procedure.” Breathing slowly and rhythmically can do a lot for any situation that raises fear and anxiety levels.

If anxiety is the issue, lifting legs slightly and moving toes can help get rid of some of the extra energy that has built up. There are a variety of strategies that Biscayne Dental Center recommends for people who dread even the idea of sitting down in a dentist’s chair:

no anxiety at the dental officeHeadphones: believe it or not, many dental procedures allow for the use of headphones. Turn up the music and tune out the sound of the drill.

Tell the Dentist: tell the dentist about your fears and anxiety. The dental professionals at Biscayne Dental Center try to accommodate every individual patient.

Choose a Good Time: choose a time for treatment that you are most comfortable with. Don’t add in extra stress on top of a dental visit.

Ask for Laser Dentistry: at Biscayne Dental Center, we sometimes offer laser dentistry that is much quicker and less painful than traditional options.

Sedation Dentistry: there are many options for reducing pain at a dentist office. Ask your dentist what they can offer to help reduce pain (and your fear of it).



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