How a Nice Smile Can Affect Your Career, Productivity and Social Life

nice smile with biscayne dental center

Ever seen someone with a beautiful smile and immediately felt captivated? You may not be alone. A recent study by independent research group Kelton Research found that the state of one’s teeth had a correlation to subjects’ career, productivity, and social life.In the study, people with whiter, straighter teeth were more likely to be seen as smart, professional, and attractive than those with more yellowed or crooked grins. Perhaps most surprisingly, the results were not even terribly close: almost three our of four Americans surveyed (73% to be exact) indicated that they were more likely to trust someone with a straight, white smile more than someone with a crooked or yellow one. They were also more likely to trust this person over someone whose smile they could not see, but who had a good job, a nice outfit, or a fancy car.

In other words, a healthy, winning smile was more influential than wealth, success, or expensive tastes. 

nice smile with biscayne dental center

Fortunately, there are many things one can do to tap into this potential. Obviously, the work starts at home, with regular brushing and flossing. Regular checkups and cleanings by a dentist are also very important. But, if years of smoking, coffee drinking, or just the general yellowing that can happen with time have taken their toll, there are still options.

Teeth whitening procedures are among the most popular dental procedures in the market today, and as a result, have become quite affordable. They are also usually quite quick and completely painless, making them a great option even for the millions of people who fear visiting the dentist.

Tooth straightening is now easier than ever before, as well. Products like clear, removable devices have made it possible to straighten a crooked smile without letting the world in on the secret. For more advanced straightening, traditional braces are still an option, as well, and they have also developed a number of less obtrusive designs.

For the most difficult cases, such as those with missing or decayed teeth, there are still other options, like crowns, caps, dentures, and implants. While these may be more intense and more expensive, they may also be the only option to achieve a straight white smile after years of neglect or as a result of genetic or health conditions.

Having straight, white teeth has never been easier than it is today. And, the results of having such a smile are well-worth the undertaking. For a happier, more successful life, take care of your teeth, keep them cleaned, and do the necessary work to improve your smile if it is not as straight or white as you would like it. With a 73% approval rating for people with straight, white smiles, such an improvement is one of the surest ways to ensure your happiness and success for years to come.

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