What Is a Multi-Specialty Dental Practice?


What is a multi-specialty dental practice? Simply put, a multi-specialty practice is one where a team of dental professionals from different specialties work together. Biscayne Dental Center is a North Miami multi-specialty dental practice that offers an unusually wide array of dental professionals. The real benefit of a multi-specialty practice is the chance to get all dental services completed without jumping from office to office.

For a quick glance at a multi-specialty dental practice in North Miami, visit www.biscaynedentalcenter.com.

Dentists at Multi-Specialty Practice Biscayne Dental Center

At Biscayne Dental Center, patients benefit from a team of five dental professionals that span a variety of disciplines. We offer patients services that range from simple check-ups to advanced cosmetic dentistry like dental implants. To offer a more comprehensive set of services, we have an on-site periodontal specialist, Dr. Mario Iraheta, that is educated in the diagnosis and treatment of gum disease.

Multi-specialty dental centers are capable of completing the same amount of services as four or five traditional offices. Instead of getting a recommendation for a dental implant and venturing elsewhere, the team of dentists at a multi-specialty dental center can take care of everything in one dental practice. For more information on the entire group of dentists, visit http://www.biscaynedentalcenter.com/our-doctors/.

Services at a Multi-Specialty Dental Practice

A dental office with just one general dentist is restricted from providing all services needed. Orthoditists, general dentists, endodontists, and periodontists are all needed to provide truly comprehensive services. Want a brighter smile without needed to travel from place to place for months on end? Check out the range of services offered below (from the multi-specialty practice Biscayne Dental Center):

Root Canal
Gum Disease Treatment
Laser Dentistry
Complete and Partial Dentures
Dental Implants

For more information on what a multi-specialty practice can provide, visit http://www.biscaynedentalcenter.com/services/.

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