Laser Dentistry: The Making of Modern (comfortable) Dental Procedures

laser dentistry

For many people, the word “comfortable” is the furthest thing from the mind when going into the dentist for a procedure. With laser dentistry from Biscayne Dental Center, even advanced dental services are low impact and much more comfortable. Newer technology means more precision and less healing time when it comes to gum disease treatments, root canal therapy, crown lengthening, and more.

Laser dentistry can cut weeks off of healing time and nearly eliminate pain associated with traditional dental services.

Love Laser Dentistry

comfortable dentistPeople across South Florida, dentists and patients alike, are falling in love with laser dentistry. Soft tissue dental lasers seldom require sutures, making procedures much easier for dentists and comfortable for patients. No anesthesia, very little bleeding, and fewer bacterial infections are all benefits of modern laser dentistry. Even tissue generation is quicker with laser dentistry.

With all the benefits and very few drawbacks, it is no wonder that so many are falling in love with laser dentistry. This new dentistry technique is becoming the standard at quality dentist offices like Biscayne Dental Center. Multi-specialty practices that offer services like Root Canals, Cosmetic Dentistry, and Gum Disease Treatments are moving towards laser-focused dentistry in nearly every area.

What Laser Dentistry Can Do

Over the last few years, the capabilities of laser dentistry have grown by leaps and bounds. At first, lasers were used in only light treatments. Now, lasers are found in nearly every area of dentistry. Check out just a few of the laser dentistry services offered by Biscayne Dental Center.

  • Canker sore treatment
  • Anesthesia and suture-free frenectomy (tongue tie release)
  • Various gum disease treatments and corrections
  • Root canals
  • Apicoectomies
  • Cavity diagnosis
  • Cavity treatment
  • Crown lengthening
  • Most periodontal care services

For those who are seeking a more comfortable dental experience, laser dentistry is often the choice. As the technology improves, laser-centered treatments are likely to become a common option for dental patients. Biscayne Dental Center is happy to provide comfortable, results-oriented dentistry procedures to the entire Miami area.

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