Invisalign: Straighter, Healthier Teeth


The Invisalign program is quite possibly the easiest road to a drastically improved smile that can take as little as 6 to 18 months. While veneers, crowns, and cleanings are all good ways to maintain and improve a smile, Invisalign braces from a multi specialty practice like Biscayne Dental Center can change the entire way a smile looks. Ultimately, those who complete all aligners in the system get a straighter smile, a more even bite, and increased self confidence.

The Importance of an Even Bite

Jaw pain, grinding teeth, even improper digestion can all be symptoms of an uneven bite. Many elements of dentistry focus on creating the most optimal bite possible. Although traditional braces are still widely used, Invisalign braces are now one of the most popular ways to align teeth. The entire system is easier to use, maintain, and see results from.

Although people using the system must keep aligners in for approximately 22 hours each Invisalign at Biscayne Dental Centerday, aligners can be taken out to eat and clean teeth. Straitening a bite does sometimes take more than a few aligners, but the entire system does sometimes take as little as 6 months. For more uneven and damaged teeth, the system can take 18 months for completion. Either way, Invisalign is always faster than traditional braces.

Uneven teeth cause increased wear and tear over time. Even eating and breathing can be negatively impacted with an uneven bite. Invisalign is designed to eliminate such issues by creating an optimal bite.

The Invisalign System

The Invisalign system benefits from years of dentistry, research, and implementation. Today, more than 1 million people enjoy healthier, straighter smiles thanks to the system. Although there are many technical elements of the Invisalign teeth alignment system, understanding how the system works is fairly simple.

Below is a general summary of how the Invisalign system works.

The System:

  • Initial consultation
  • Impressions of client’s teeth
  • Digitization of imprints
  • Custom fitting imprints made
  • 3D imaging and modeling
  • Mapping out future aligners
  • Installations of aligners
  • Aligners slowly changed out
  • Teeth move into position

Biscayne Dental Center offers years of experience installing and maintaining the Invisalign system. Eat better. Breath better. Enjoy a healthier, more even smile.

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