Getting Your Smile Back With Complete and Partial Dentures

dentures being madeLosing and decaying teeth don’t have to be the end of your smile. As people age and life happens, teeth are damaged, lost, and generally degrade. At Biscayne Dental Center, we work to help people restore the smile of their youth. Since we take a comprehensive approach to dentistry, we take the best from cosmetic and general dentistry to improve the health and aesthetics of a smile. 

For many patients, that means opting for a completely new set of complete and partial dentures.

Getting Rid of the Stigma

Dentures have come an incredibly long way since the early days of dentistry. Gone are the awkward, unnatural looking pieces of dental work. Complete (or partial) dentures at our North Miami Beach cosmetic dentistry location are steadily helping cure the stigma that has developed around dentures

Biscayne Dental Center takes a cosmetic approach to dentistry, tempered with education and training in general dentistry. Our dentists create custom partial and complete dentures that offer as natural a fit and movement as possible. Trust us, dentures are certainly not the end of your smile. 

Dentures and Biscayne Dental Center 

To get the perfect fit for individual smiles, custom partial and complete denture installation requires several appointments across multiple weeks. The first step in this process is often removal of teeth that are left. Then, the gums must be taken care of and properly healed before any secondary step can be taken (this usually takes about four to six weeks). 

During healing, temporary dentures are often provided (on a case-by-case basis) to allow for normal eating and daily life. Once teeth are healed, our cosmetic dentistry specialists take incredibly detailed impressions to begin crafting naturally fitting dentures. Once the dentures fit well, we continue to help make a patient’s experience better by educating and preparing them with proper care and oral hygiene with dentures. 

A smile doesn’t end with dentures: it is just beginning. 

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