Dentistry Myths and Legends

dental chair and dental health

There are plenty of dentistry myths and legends floating around in daily conversation. If all you knew of dentists came from movies and TV shows, you might think we’re all torture artists.

*Spoiler alert: we aren’t

dental chair and dental healthThe truth? Modern dentistry at offices like Biscayne Dental Center improves oral health and leaves you with a smile. Don’t believe us? Here are just a few of the myths and legends that plague the minds and hearts of people who very much need to visit a dentist. 

Everything Hurts

Not true we say! Not true at all. Quality dentists are able to make visits as comfortable as possible. Simple cleanings can actually be relaxing and refreshing. When it comes to more serious work like root canals, implants, and fillings, sedation dentistry, numbing agents, and laser dentistry can help eliminate almost all pain. 

What really hurts is a toothache that should have been taken care of months ago. Don’t let the myths scare you away. 

The Dentist Chair  = A Pew

We promise, we will not preach at you. There is a prevalent legend that says all dentists preach to their patients about taking better care of teeth and gums. It is true, we will give tips and tricks to help you maintain your oral health between visits, but we won’t preach. If you do catch us preaching, just tell us you already know the gospel of dentistry. 

We will listen. No, really, we will. 

(but still, flossing is a very, very good thing)

Wallets Beware

The myth of the unaffordable dentist might just be the most common one out there. Stories of thousands and thousands of dollars filtered into dental work without a chance to pay it off are common. In today’s day and age, offices like Biscayne Dental Center actually work hand-in-hand with people to afford treatments and procedures. From payment plans to dental insurance, dental work is easier to afford than ever. 

Don’t believe us? Come into Biscayne Dental Center and see just how untrue all these dentistry myths and legends actually are. 

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