Dental Implants
in North Miami

Want dental implant in North Miami?

You’ve come to the right place. We offer comprehensive dental implant services at Biscayne Dental Center in North Miami.

Benefits of Dental Implants at Biscayne Dental Center:

  • Multi-specialty practice to get everything done in-house
  • Fix bite and joint pain issues stemming from shifting teeth
  • Replacement of one or more teeth without damaging others
  • Improvement of chewing and digestion
  • Correction of speech problems
  • Facial feature enhancement and cosmetic dentistry in-house
  • Implants offer the option to install more secure dentures
  • A comfortable, friendly atmosphere

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How Dental Implants Make a Better Smile?

Dental implant in North Miami Beach at Biscayne Dental Center help people build the smile they’ve always wanted. Dental implant in North Miami is a groundwork for completely replacing missing teeth, helping get rid of the self-confidence issues that are associated with gaps in teeth and missing teeth. Dental implants at Biscayne Dental Center are designed to establish artificial tooth roots that can be used as anchors for attractive, natural-looking artificial teeth.

Dental implants in North Miami are design to help improve your smile. Come in to Biscayne Dental Center today to start building a healthier smile. You’re probably asking yourself “Where can I find dental implants near me?” We’re here to answer that question for you. Call 305-945-7745 today to make your appointment with one of our dentists and learn more about dental implant in North Miami, Florida.

Our North Miami Location

What to Expect from North Miami Dental Implant Services at Biscayne Dental Center

  • Implants are installed into the jawbone with metal anchors
  • Next, small posts are attached to the implants that protrude through the gums
  • Attachment of a small healing collar
  • A three to six month healing period
  • Dental implant in North Miami Beach is a multi-step process that can be completed in the multi-specialty practice of Biscayne Dental Center
  • Posts are utilized as a groundwork for higher quality artificial teeth
  • Impressions are created to produce attractive artificial teeth designed for the individual

Our North Miami Patients' Testimonials

„After the procedure at Biscayne Dental Center I felt absolutely amazing. I still can't believe my teeth are not my own because I brush and take care of them like normal teeth.“ Marry Willson
"It was very reassuring to know that I was in safe hands and that decisions about treatment would be made in the best interests of the patient even if not necessarily in the financial interested of the business" Michael
"Thank you, Biscayne Dental Center! I had been struggling for years with poor teeth and this was effecting not only what I ate but also my confidence and as a result my way of life." K.J.

Meet Our Doctors

Our North Miami office is home to a variety of experienced, friendly dental professionals. Dr. Mario Iraheta, Dr. Lina Aguilar and Dr. Edgar Lopez work together with Dr. Brad Santelli, Dr. Bertram Ivan Moldauer to offer comprehensive dental services. As a multi-specialty practice, our dentists provide services that range from periodontics, general and cosmetic dentistry to oral surgery and endodontics. Our dentists work as a team to develop the best individual solutions possible to help create a healthier, more beautiful smile.

Dr. Mario Iraheta
Dr. Mario Iraheta
Dr. Edgar Lopez
Dr. Edgar Lopez
Dr. Brad Santelli
Dr. Brad Santelli

Benefits of Dental Implants at Biscayne Dental Center

Replacing missing teeth is essential not only for a confident smile, but for a healthy one as well. There are a variety of benefits provided by choosing dental implant in North Miami Beach, most of which are cosmetic. Having a healthy bite, however, encourages better overall health. Replacing teeth and correcting gaps is an essential step in creating the perfect bite.

At Biscayne Dental Center, implante dental in North Miami is just the first step. Our team of dental professionals is diverse and experienced enough to completely restore and improve a smile. The North Miami beach dental practice offers dental implants, partial and full dentures, and complete cosmetic dentistry services.

Aventura dental office
Aventura dental office
Aventura dental office

The Beautiful North Miami

North Miami, Fl

North Miami is a beautiful city just 10 miles from downtown Miami. With the largest urban state park in all of Florida, North Miami offers a mixture of nature and nightlife. North Miami is quickly becoming the epicenter of the American art culture as well. The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in the heart of North Miami and offers a 23,000 square foot space stocked with incredible art.

Biscayne Dental Center is proud to call North Miami home. As a multi-specialty North Miami beach dental practice that offers comprehensive services across the greater Miami-Dade area, Biscayne Dental Center is the most comprehensive practice in Southern Florida.