Dental Implants in North Miami at Biscayne Dental Center

Dental implants North Miami

Dental Implants in North Miami are helpful in restoring damaged smiles to their original quality or changing smiles through cosmetic dentistry. Biscayne Dental Center utilizes dental implants in order to anchor in replacement teeth, crowns, bridges and more. North Miami is a beautiful place with beautiful people, and Biscayne Dental Center is dedicated to fostering healthier, more attractive smiles to each individual who walks into the door.

Dental Implant Uses

Dental implants North MiamiDental implants are actually simple, small posts that are usually made of titanium or a similar, strong material. The uses of such implants are, however, quite incredible. Since the implants actually heal into the jawbone and gums, the stability and durability of dental implants are incredibly high. Most of the time, dental implants are used in conjunction with crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth.

Gaps in teeth can actually cause other oral health issues to arise. For instance, teeth that suddenly have large gaps can easily shift and destroy any dental work accomplished before the loss of the tooth. Even facial bone structure changes when gaps in teeth develop. Below are several of the reasons many choose multi-specialty dental practices like Biscayne Dental Center to undergo oral surgery for dental implants in North Miami.

  • Speech improvement through oral health corrections
  • One or several missing teeth
  • A replacement for partial or full dentures
  • Damaged teeth that need to be removed
  • Facial structure improvements
  • A basis for future work to create permanent tooth replacements 

Dental Implants in North Miami

Dental implants at Aventura dental centerDental implants are increasing in popularity in all areas of dental practice, and North Miami dentistry is no exception. Instead of having traditional dentures installed, many are turning towards dental implants to aid in installing crowns and bridges. Even a single missing tooth can be easily and permanently replaced through dental implants and oral surgery at the North Miami location of Biscayne Dental Center.

Although the entire process of dental implants can take up to 8 months (including healing), they are still some of the most preferred ways to replace missing teeth. Much like real teeth, replacements that are attached to dental implants can be damaged with bad habits, but are also some of the most permanent replacements available. Multi-specialty dental practices like Biscayne Dental Center provide comprehensive dental implant options to improve oral health and smile aesthetics.

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