The Best Time to Make an Appointment at a Dentist Office

relax and make a good dental appointmentSome people try to squeeze in dental appointments between meetings, errands, and other daily tasks. Don’t do this. Just like any medical appointment, you should give yourself plenty of time for extra tests, speaking with your dentist, and time to recover should any important work be done.

When is the best time to make an appointment at a dental office like Biscayne Dental Center?

The best time for you.

Choose Your Day Ahead of Time

If it is just a checkup, choose a day and time that works best for you. If you don’t work weekends, use a Saturday morning to get the checkup out of the way. If you have time after work on a weekday, it is likely that you will get an appointment scheduled much sooner. Still, if you contact a dental office far enough ahead of time, you can have an appointment made for whenever is best for you.

Checkups should be made at least twice a year, so why not make the appointment months ahead of time? This can serve two benefits: to get the exact day and time best for you, and to remind you to go!

Oral health is vital for good overall health, so make an appointment in advance for yourself. Treat yourself to a better smile.

Have a Driver

For patients who need more extensive dental work, it is important to make an appointment that works with someone else’s schedule. Having someone that can drive you home afterwards can make fillings, extractions, and root canals much less stressful. Don’t add another stressor on top of the appointment.

Take the Dentist’s Advice

If the dentist says you will need to have a day or two to recover, LISTEN! Dentists know what they are doing. Make an appointment on a Thursday afternoon and take the next day off so you can have plenty of recovery time. Make time for yourself to follow the dentist’s directions and get back to full strength.

Make it easier on yourself and enjoy a better smile.

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