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The Benefits Of Choosing Our Aventura Dentists:

  • Comprehensive dentistry equivalent to six different practices
  • A friendly, professional atmosphere
  • Cosmetic dentistry and general dentistry in one office
  • Teamwork and collaboration between the dental team and the patient
  • The latest in dental technology
  • Constantly expanding dental procedure list
  • Multi-lingual dental professionals and staff
  • Treatments available for every possible dental issue

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How to Find a Good Dentist in Aventura?

Finding a dentist in Aventura usually means traveling from office to office just to get all of your dental work completed. Aventura dentist that offer comprehensive services are few and far between. Biscayne Dental Center is a multi-specialty practice located just a stone's throw away from Aventura and offers all the dental professionals you could need under a single roof. An Aventura dentist practice should offer complete dental services, much like the dental professionals at Biscayne Dental Center provide. With decades of combined experience, Biscayne Dental Center is the leader in dentistry in Aventura.

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What Dental Services Can I Get at Biscayne Dental Center?

  • Dental Implants - designed to provide an entirely new oral landscape for individuals missing teeth or who need reconstructive oral surgery.
  • Gum Disease Treatment - Our treatments begin by simply scaling teeth (or removing as much plaque and calculus as is possible). Next, roots are planed and post-treatment prescriptions are provided (if necessary)
  • Dental Crowns and Bridges - to protect broken or damaged teeth and improve or maintain oral health, crowns at Biscayne Dental Center are used to replace a single tooth permanently, to protect damaged teeth, or to establish the anchoring of a bridge that replaces several missing or damaged teeth.
  • Root Canal Therapy - designed to rescue damaged and decaying teeth, Biscayne Dental Center offers Root Canal Therapy based on comprehensive consultations with our dentist in Aventura.
  • Invisalign - is designed to create a healthier, more attractive smile through a series of aligners that are completely clear, eliminating the stigma normally associated with braces.
  • Wisdom Teeth Extraction - when wisdom teeth come in, they often are impacted or threaten to crowd the rest of the teeth. Biscayne Dental Center has an oral surgeon and an orthodontist in-house who are experienced in the removal of wisdom teeth.

What Our Patients in Aventura Say About Our Dental Services

„Having had a bad experience with another dentist. Dr. Iraheta not only did restore my faith in the service, but also corrected the problems caused by my previous dentist. Finally I feel safe in a dentist's opinion here in Aventura.“ Gabriel B.
"Dr. Santelli is a skilled and very thorough dentist. I like that he masterfully uses the latest dental technology and educates me on each procedure. I'm always aware of my options. An added bonus: he is engaging and a pleasure to be around." Michael M.
"I have been a patient of Dr. Lopez for a number of years and each of my appointments feel like the first one. I feel the health of my teeth is always number one; plus, they give me just the right amount of a personal touch to show they care. " Julia A.

Meet Our Doctors

As a multi-specialty dental practice near Aventura, dental professionals at Biscayne Dental Center include a periodontist, general and cosmetic dentists, an oral surgeon, and an endodontist. This experienced team of dentists covers all areas of dental procedures. They work in collaboration with one another to provide the perfect treatments for individual patient needs. Dr. Mario Iraheta, Dr. Lina Aguilar and Dr. Edgar Lopez, together as top dentists in Aventura, brought together a talented team that includes Dr. Brad Santelli, Dr. Bertram Ivan Moldauer, and a welcoming staff.
Dr. Mario Iraheta
Dr. Mario Iraheta
Dr. Edgar Lopez
Dr. Edgar Lopez
Dr. Brad Santelli
Dr. Brad Santelli

Visit Our Dental Office

Our office at Biscayne Dental Center is welcoming, clean, and inviting. We understand that dental procedures can cause anxiety, and our office is designed to relieve it. We use the latest technologies and techniques in each and every treatment, analysis, and cleaning at Biscayne Dental Center. From Lumineers and Invisalign to laser dentistry, our office is always on the cutting edge of dental technology.
Aventura dental office
Aventura dental office
Aventura dental office

Lovely Aventura

Aventura is a beautiful area of Miami-Dade county that boasts incredible shopping, luxury living, and all the modern conveniences that go along with it. The architectural beauty of Aventura is only rivaled by the nature and ocean views of the area. Located close to North Miami and Halandale Beach, residents and visitors to Aventura get convenience and beach life without the hustle and bustle of the city of Miami. Biscayne Dental Center is located within a short distance of beautiful Aventura. We love our home and serve it with the most comprehensive, balanced approach to dental health. Each day, we create healthier, more beautiful smiles so that our clients can enjoy all that South Florida has to offer.