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Understanding Wisdom Tooth Surgery


Wisdom tooth surgery is a common dental procedure that is not fully understood and, for that reason, is feared by many individuals. This is especially true for those who fear dentistry in general. The key to overcoming the fear of anything is knowledge, and learning more about dental surgery is a wise course of action for anyone who may require such a procedure. Continue reading

The Dirty Secret About Swimming Pools And Your Teeth


Summer is in full swing and especially in hot climates like we have here in Miami, and that means many of us are spending a lot of our leisure time at the beach or in the swimming pool. While it may feel great to get some sun and even better to cool off in the water, it turns out that the water in your backyard pool may actually pose problems for your dental health.
Continue reading

Wisdom Tooth Pain: Everything You Should Know


Some people are fortunate enough never to experience wisdom tooth pain. For others, the pain caused by wisdom teeth can be unbearable. As with any tooth pain, your first step should be calling your dentist. A dentist can perform a visual exam and x-rays to determine if your pain is caused by wisdom teeth or something else. Continue reading

8 bad habits that can harm your teeth

dental health

Everyone knows that a pretty smile starts with good oral hygiene and regular dental care. What a lot of people don’t realize is that various common everyday behaviors can crack, damage, and erode teeth. Here are the top eight bad habits to avoid: Continue reading

Here’s What Really Lives In Our Mouth

Tooth decay caused by sports drinks

While we can’t see them, feel them or taste them, our mouths can host to over 700 strains of bacteria. On average, humans can host about 30 – 70 different strains most of them doing us no harm- but there are other species in the mix that can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Fortunately, all of this can be easily controlled with a healthy diet, routinely oral care practices and regular visits to your dentist. Check out the pictures below to get a better understanding of the microscopical party that’s hosted in our mouths. Continue reading

New 3D Printer May Be Future of Dental Implants

3d printer can make dental items and replacement eeth in minutes

Imagine if having major dental work done did not require patients to submit for molds then wait days or weeks for personalized appliances or prosthetic to arrive. Instead, the item could be made in the dentist’s office in a matter of minutes with 3D printing, taking the time from diagnosis to treatment from days to less than an hour. That time is nearly at hand. Continue reading